Ultra Warmer

Ultra convenient gel warmer and bottle stand

Solid State Technology Tri-Function L.E.D.
Wide Slip-Resistant Base, prevents tipping.
Use the Ultra Warmer everywhere you use gel.
Also great for warming Spraytrode, Electromist, Preptrode and lotions.
Safe 120 to 12 Volt Power Pack
220 to 12 Volt Power Pack Additional
Also available with automobile cigarette lighter plug.

Ultra Warmer uses a solid state technology. Only 8 watts required for high, 5 watts required for low. Warms only the gel you are about to use. Holds the bottle or tube conveniently between applications for immediate use.

Three function LED and Power Switch:
Red - (Up)High for fast initial gel warming and high volume gel use only.
Frost White - (Center) Off.
Green - (Down)Low for occasional use and overnight warming.

Power Pack Safe 12 Volt Ouput

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