Ultra/Phonic SG

Low Viscosity (Ultrasound) Scanning Gel

Pourable, highly lubricating, odorless and non-staining synthetic oil for ultrasound scanning.
Stablized formula resists thinning from salts in perspiration and body heat.
Bacteriostatic formula prevents the growth of micro-organisms and do not evaporate or deteriorate at gel warmer temperatures.
Proven safe for Gel Warmers
90 ML Tube
250 ML Tube
4 Liter with Dispenser
5 Liter with Dispenser
10 Liter "Ultra Pack" with Dispenser


Ultra/Phonic Gels are the most economical and convenient ultrasound coupling gels. Our stabilized formulas resist liquefying from body heat and salts in perspiration, remaining uniform throughout the procedure. Less is required, and clean up is minimized.

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